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Workwell compliance audit

Workwell audits help create safer workplaces by identifying health and safety issues"Workwell" Audits are conducted by Ontario's Workplace Safety & Insurance Board to evaluate actual health and safety conditions in the workplace, typically for employers who show an above-average rate of accident experience.   Companies subject to the workwell audit must score 75% or greater to pass, and employers who fail are subject to WSIB penalties and fines if they can not correct their audit defiencies.  

A Mock Workwell Audit will provice an impartial assessment of the state of your health and safety programs and will help you to prepare for a possible or pending WSIB Workwell Audit. 

The mock audit will cover all of the elements of the WSIB audit. A report will be issued with your results and recommendations to improve those results.

On completion of the mock Workwell audit, our Safety Training Solutions experts can help your company implement health & safety policies and procedures to correct or address the deficiencies identified in the audit. 


You are here: Home Workplace Assessments Workwell Audit

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