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Safety in RETAIL: What do I need?

Like every other employer, RETAILERS must ensure employees are educated about the health & safety hazards they must work with.

Retail workers are exposed to a number of health & safety hazards:

  • ergonomic hazards from having to bend, lift and twist to place or remove products from racks & displays
  • cleaning supplies (hazardous chemicals possibly)
  • slips, trips and falls from wet or slippery flooring, and
  • interactions with members of the public that can create opportunities for workplace violence and harassment.

Every one of these things represents a health or safety hazard that must be addressed.

If you have 20 or more employees, you must have a Health & Safety committee, which requires at least two employees to have taken the Joint Health & Safety Certification core curriculum (Part 1) plus job-specific hazard training. You must also train all employees on job-specific hazards like those above, and you must have at least one employee on duty at all times that is First Aid trained (See WSIB Regulation 1101).

For Retailers, Safety Training Solutions can provide Part 1 Certication; Awareness training and Part 2 Modules to address each of these hazards, and any others in your workplace. With our flexible scheduling we can work around your retail hours. Call us - we'll help you make your workplace safer!

You are here: Home Safety in Retail

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